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When the chronology of your day off is: 1. consume enough frozen margaritas to fill a kiddie pool 2. pass out in a sugar/tequila-induced coma in the hot sun 3. wake up famished, disoriented and sunburned, craving a Big Mac (with extra Big Mac sauce) from McDonald’s, your life choices are questionable. I mean #1 and #2 are your own prerogatives, don’t get me wrong. But instead of opting for a Big Mac on this hypothetical (or historically accurate for some) day off, might I suggest a lighter, healthier alternative?

The days of fresh, light eating are upon us. I recommend a bowl of pasta with a dash of olive oil,  plum tomatoes from the garden, mozzarella, basil, rosemary, and prosciutto. It’s simple and cheaper than a few Big Macs that only a margarita hangover would drive a good soul to purchase.

Bring this pasta to the next barbecue you attend. Even if your drunken friends and family embarrass themselves before passing out from all the frozen margs, they will at least thank you for saving them from a potential McDonald’s binge.



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