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This is my absolute favorite time of the year, the end of summer and cusp of fall. You can still order iced coffee during the day, but it’s too chilly to leave your windows open overnight. When it’s sunny, there isn’t any humidity, and you can feel fall in every breeze.

This fall I’m particularly nostalgic because I won’t be returning to school. A new school year highlights the excitement of the transitioning seasons. For the past 16 years of my life, I’ve defined the new year not as New Year’s Day but as the first week of school. Does the clean slate, newness of fall go away now that school is over?

It doesn’t have to. We just need to create our own fresh starts.

Stone fruit season is almost over, but you can still salvage summer with these tartlets. Plums are the best right now, and I’ve already mentioned my intimate relationship with mascarpone.

P.s. Check out my friend Megan’s awesome new blog, Sequins and Shortbread. She made a killer pie — also with stone fruit!

So what’s your fresh start?



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