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My muffins bring all the boys to the yard. Why? Because they have mascarpone cheese in them, which is smooth, creamy and subtle in flavor. Mascarpone cheese is less rich than butter and compliments any fruit it is paired with. It’s often used in cheesecake, tiramisu or frosting, but when you bake with it, mascarpone creates a dough that’s looser and more pliable, thereby yielding a moister, lighter end product.

In my opinion, mascarpone is really underused. Here’s a pro tip: pair it with Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter when it’s on shelves and put it on toast. Or mix mascarpone with kiwi and strawberries for stuffed french toast. I could go on and on.

Also, I should mention I added lemon juice to these because they enhance the flavor of the berries. You don’t really taste the lemon, but it’s just enough to bring out the flavor of the berries.

Happy almost 4th of July. Love ‘Merica.



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